Luhn Calculation


The Luhn Calculation is a way to verify that a credit card number is potentially valid. Not all numbers can potentially be credit card numbers - the number must pass a few tests and an algorithm called Luhn's. This database checks the number for its potential - but it in no way guarantees that the number is a current or valid account, it only weeds out the numbers that can never be accounts from those that can. More Luhn info is available here.

Potential uses include ordering systems for phone reps - the moment the rep enters the number in the database, the validity is either ascertained or denied. This helps spot and fix errors without necessitating a callback. This calculation is also useful on web order forms in order to validate a credit card number entered by a user before charging the card.

The calculation comes in a simple FileMaker Pro database and can be copied for use in other databases.

This database is free, but if you choose to use it, you might wish to donate $2 to the authors via PayPal.

Download the FileMaker Pro 5 file for Mac

Download the FileMaker Pro 5 file for PC



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