Release Notes

Version 1.8.4

-added more control over export options

-fixed bug in export scripts

Version 1.8.3

-several bug fixes - especially with importing multiple mailboxes in one session

-updated internal links and layouts

-rewrote status page to be faster and more accurate

Version 1.8.2

-captures priority of email if set

-imports from SweetMail for Macintosh

Version 1.8.1

-added ability to print lists and individual emails

-more support for international characters

Version 1.8a

-fixed a corrupted download of the Macintosh SDK file

Version 1.8

-added support for Mac OS X Public Beta

-added Windows standalone (SDK) version

-added instructions

-added ability to find and view or find and remove duplicates

-bug fix: fixed more problems with multi-line headers

Version 1.7

-changed name to Email2FMP

-added support for Netscape Communicator mailboxes

-changed URL linking to support any mail client

-added ability to collect multi-line To: headers

Version 1.6.4

-more European character support

-more HTML tags removed

-a few bug fixes

Version 1.6.2

-fixes for imports of European character sets

-rewording of several screens

-new sort buttons on detail page

-more rigorous registration code checking

Version 1.6.1

-fixes for imports with Windows files

-counter shows the progress of processed emails

Version 1.6

-significant speed increase - now imports and parses in about 20% of previous processing time

-ability to import and queue multiple mailboxes for unattended processing

-show all records feature in locked versions

-more careful registration code checking

Version 1.5

-folder tab in list now sorts properly

-speed fixes (increase of about 20% of email import)

-more HTML codes are removed

-CCs and BCCs are better extracted from outgoing mail

-HTML can be removed from a found set

-body of message can be modified

-inclusion of unlocked Email Archive files for user modification

-ability to manually add an email to the archive

-creation of SDK version to allow compatibility with FileMaker Pro versions 3 and 4 without requiring purchase of FileMaker 5

Version 1.1

-ability to delete individual emails for lists of emails

-imports older archives

-fixes problems with dates on outgoing mail

-buttons to start emails to addresses in headers

-ability to find by several criteria

Version 1.0

-first release



Release Notes


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