Question: My import seems incomplete, either in the number of messages, or in the length of each message.

Answer: Eudora mailboxes should be compressed before import into Email2FMP. Compress a Eudora mailbox in Eudora by opening the mailbox and clicking the numbers in the bottom left corner of the window. After the compression is complete, the rightmost number should read O. Compress a Netscape mailbox in Netscape by selecting all your mail folders and going to File -> Compact All Folders.

Question: My import is slow - is there any way to speed this up?

Answer: We are working to improve the speed of the import process. Due to the way Eudora and Netscape store mail and FileMaker imports it, this is a time-consuming process.

Question: Does Email2FMP support attachments?

Answer: At this point, Email2FMP does not archive attachments.

Question: I don't have FileMaker 5 and the trial version is too limited to be useful. Is there another way?

Answer: Yes! The Email2FMP SDK is now available for Macintosh on the download page.

Question: I want to use this in FileMaker 3 or 4 and your files are in FileMaker 5. Is there a way to downgrade them? And I want full access to the archive!

Answer: Yes! Use the SDK version mentioned above to import your mail. Then, registered users will be able to export their email and import it into a new, totally unlocked, file for either FileMaker 3/4 or FileMaker 5. Those unlocked files are included in any download.

Question: Why doesn't my IMAP mailbox import?

Answer: Email2FMP only supports POP mailboxes at this time.

Question: (Windows) There seemt to be two mail files for each mailbox in Eudora. Which one should I import?

Answer: Import the mailbox with the .mbx extension.

Question: Where is the documentation?

Answer: Its there now - SimpleText for Macs and PDF for Windows.




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