Email2FMP is a set of FileMaker Pro databases which import and parse Eudora, Eudora Lite, Eudora Pro, Netscape Communicator, SweetMail, and Mac OS X mailboxes. This allows you to convert your mailboxes to FileMaker Pro files for archiving purposes or as a stepping stone to other uses. Once the emails are in FileMaker Pro, you can use FileMaker Pro's export engine to export your data in a variety of formats, including comma and tab delimited.

Email2FMP is now available in two formats:

  • Email2FMP - This is an update to the previous version of Email2FMP - the first version to import Netscape Communicator mailboxes. It requires FileMaker Pro 5.0 or later. This new version includes a completely unlocked Email Archive file that can be modified by the end user. Registered users can export their emails from the locked archive and import them into the open archive file. For more information, see the release notes. Macintosh and Windows versions are available.
  • Email2FMP SDK - This version does NOT require FileMaker Pro 5. FileMaker Pro Developer was used to create a full application that has all of the functions of the above product. Registered users can then export their Email Archive and import it into completely unlocked templates for FileMaker Pro 3/4 or FileMaker Pro 5. This version is for Macintosh or Windows.

Email2FMP is now free! Why? Dealing with the amount of spam I get from this email address just isn't worth the money I make on the product, so now it's no support, no email, and no charge. Use this info to register:

Name: Free Now
Registration Code: L218912821



Release Notes


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