Adberg Consulting LLC is a consulting firm servicing clients mostly in Southern California from a base in Los Angeles. We have two main areas of specialization: Macintosh computers and FileMaker Pro.

Macintosh Consulting: Adberg Consulting LLC installs computers, networks, internet service, and any peripherals necessary to get your business up and running quickly and solidly. We maintain your network, troubleshoot, train, and advise to keep your office running smoothly. Adberg Consulting LLC is a member of Apple Solution Experts.

FileMaker Pro: Adberg Consulting LLC has years of experience with all types of FileMaker Pro databases in single-user and server environments on both Macintosh and Windows platforms. We modernize existing databases, connect databases to the web, enhance reporting, improve speed and capabilties, and move databases from one platform to another. If you need any type of FileMaker Pro help, we can provide it. Adberg Consutling LLC is a member of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance.

So who is Adberg Consulting LLC? Basically, its mostly Michael Adberg. I generally work independently, bringing in other consultants on certain projects as neccessary. My clients like knowing that when they call to get help or add equipment or database features, they'll get me every time.

Michael Adberg

Adberg Consulting LLC also sells Upgraded TiVos and TiVo Upgrade Kits as Weaknees.com. Everything TiVo is there.

Adberg Consulting LLC is responsible for the Interactive TiVo Upgrade Instructions. Full info about that is in this blog.

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